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Just purchased my second car for Zeigler Chrysler in Plainwell. Had a very good experience the first time so that was why I went back. Had an even better experience the second go around. Very helpful and would recommend this dealership to ANYONE!!! - Donald

OK, first, the reason I have left reviews for car dealerships in Chicago before this is I actually live in Chicago, but also have a weekend place in Swan Lake, Allegan Michigan. And I got a recall notice so decided to take it over to Zeigler Jeep in Plainwell while I was in town over the weekend. By the way, their service department was great. Usually, a recall is way down on the list, since they don't really make money off them, was treated very well, polite and professional in service. Plus everyone I ran into here was so polite and nice. Took care of me while I waited, no more than 1 hour...stunning to me.
    So while I was waiting, figured I'd ask what used Jeep Wranglers were getting for trade-in value. Had a 2010 Wrangler, 33k figured I'd ask, since I was there. Was surprised to hear that I could actually pull close to 87% of what I paid in "real" value, as opposed to "trade" value. My wife has always kind of not liked the Wrangler as she felt it was a little small, and we have pets and grand-kids now so I said thanks, and said I'd be back.
    Now this is usually the part where I describe hoe I get held up for a few minutes while they run and get a floor manager or closer to make sure they're not leaving any stone unturned in their quest to sell a car. I don't blame them, but its not my favorite moment usually. Instead they gave me a card and said thanks for stopping by.
    Brought my wife back the next day, and looked at a few cars...settled on a Jeep Liberty...drove it and wife liked it so that was that.
    This is usually where we need to do the back and forth, and I always do all the research, had some numbers, knew what the rebates were, and got ready to start the arm its usually "well, that number I gave you for your trade value yesterday when you were here was not taking into account this spot here, etc"...they actually went *UP* $500 once they looked at it, said it was spotless, etc. Complicate that by a few blemishes on my credit and its usually an interesting time with a lot of variations...I assumed I'd have to maybe take the numbers back to Chicago and see what they could do etc...
    Cory (nice guy, ask for him) came out and basically had his numbers about as low as I could have asked for, showed all rebates, even a loyalty one that I didn't count on...and said we'd really like to sell you your car...
    I figured, hey, I'm good, but then got ready to go fight the F & I guy (Jay) over the rates...
    He ran us, called in and said hang out, lets see what we get back.
    He reviewed the credit scores, and said he can work with us, didn't think there would be any issues...and pulled a nice rate too. I heard some of his conversation, and he has a nice personal relationship with some banks in the area, and also with Ally, who I had my current loan with. And got me a lower rate than I had with them already from a local bank..
    Was probably the most painless auto buying experience I've ever had, not a single negative anywhere in the process...the nicest and most professional dealership I've ever dealt with.
    Highly recommended! - Joe R.

 I was ecstatic when DJ informed me they had cancellations & could get my car in for diagnostic & on a Saturday morning from a certified technician. When my vehicle's accelerator was sticking to the floor, I assumed it was from part of a recall, but it turned out, the problem was much simpler. I was traveling from out of town & they diagnosed, fixed the problem, and had the car back to me all on the same day. And I was able to return safely to Chicago. The service was incredible. DJ's professional, prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable demeanor is enough for me to return in the future & recommend to anyone! Definitely check out this dealership's service department. - Jen R.

From the sales person through the financing everything was awesome. The car was just what I was looking for. The sales team allowed me to look and wander until I found just the car that fit my needs. It was a perfect transaction. The car I purchased was used and in excellent shape. They did a great job of making sure the car was in showroom condition. The interest rate they got on my behalf made financing a breeze. This is a AAA dealership that I would recommend to friends and family. Thank you Plainwell Zeigler Team. I LOVE MY NEW CAR.

I wanted to take a moment to commend one of your salespersons, Stan.  Recently, Stan has assisted us with the buy out of a lease and the purchase of a mini-van.  In both cases, Stan's customer service went above and beyond the call of duty.  Some un-planned events made getting to a dealership very difficult , thanks to Stan, we were able to complete both transactions without ever having to leave our home.  Now, that's the way to buy a car!  I can honestly say that in the past, I would have equated purchasing a car right up there with going to the dentist for a root canal.  Now, Stan, and Harold Zeigler, have my car buying business for life.  Thank you for making our recent purchase experience a postivie on.

Gail C

I recently had my 2004 Endeavor repaired at your Mitsubishi Service dept.  My transmission broke down while visiting your city.  The care given to me and my car was exceptional.  I am so grateful to Mark H. and everyone who worked on my car.

I want to let you know your employees are the best I've dealt with.  Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide.  I will never forget it!

Karen M

Scott and Ken, I wanted to thank the both you for your assistance this past weekend. I believe both of you went beyond the call of duty to help a customer in their time of need; especially considering I didn't even purchase my vehicle from your location. Your efforts should be noted by the dealer and BMW as well. There was also the BMW Tech who was called in on his day off as your service department was closed. I believe his name was Doug. It would be much appreciated if you could forward me his full name.

All three of you did a great deal to show that each customer is truly valued and to represent Harold Zeigler as an establishment that is committed to going the extra mile. Your actions also cemented BMW as a company that will stand behind their brand.

Thank you
Jason P

Hi my name is Alex Haggart; I work for the Suburban collection on the east side of the state.  Always been a huge Mitsubishi fan and have now had 3 in a row.  Never before now have I had a sales person enthusiastic about selling me one i have always sold my self on your product as being in new car sales my self I guess I expect a lot out of sales people.  I feel you sales person Christy Seitz more then exceeded my expectations.  She did everything in her power to EARN the sale.  New car sales should be approached with the attitude of earning sales not order taking! she is a great sales person and you are lucky to have her on your staff!  I will buy all future cars from your Mitsubishi store!  I bought my last 2 Mitsubishi (my eclipse and my 08 lancer gts) from Moran over here in Southfield and I don't car how far away you are I will come back in 2 years for my EVO you have a customer from me now thank you for all you accommodations!

Alex Haggart

Yesterday, I did a completely stupid thing after shopping at Meijer's.  I locked my key in the trunk, with my dog looking on in the backseat.  Happily, the dealership is right next door! When I entered your building, from the first moment I was greeted with friendly salesman, Sancho.   Sancho brought me to the service area and introduced me to Teresa and eventually Ed, your detail man.  Ed helped me get my key out (he had to remove my backseat).I thought you should know that I was impressed by both your staff's professionalism and over the top helpful approach to my little dilemma..Even my dog was given biscuits. - Nancy N

Chad, who is a parent here at Cross Creek, works for Harold Zeigler and they are doing a service for schools which we have been utilizing here at Cross Creek for the past 5 months.  I thought you might be interested so am sending this to you.  Chad will come (along with others) from Harold Zeigler, and pick up your car in the morning, do an oil change, wash the outside and vacuum the inside of your vehicle and then bring the car back to school for you.  All this for only $21.95.    The other neat thing about this is you earn "points" so your next oil change is less money (and they still do the wash and vacuum).  I believe I spent $11.00 or $12.00 for my 2nd one.

As I said, we have done this for several months now and there have been no surprises, hidden costs or anything like that.   We've even had some of our employees have them do other work on their vehicles.  To date, I have received no negative comments from anyone here; in fact they have continued to use the service on a regular basis. - Pam H

Purchasing my car from your salesperson, Don, turned out to be the finest experience that I have had in buying cars throughout my lifetime.  Don was particularly helpful throughout the entire process.  Kevin also stepped in a couple of times when I visited the showroom with questions and Don was temporarily unavailable as he was working with other customers. The young ladies in the center area also were always quick to say "Hello and May I help you". Thank you for the experience of purchasing from your dealership and thank you for carrying a fine product. -Virgil L

Matt did an excellent job for me.  I really like working with him - Robert B

I have been going to Harold Zeigler for service and purchases for the last 5 years and am very happy with the way I am treated and the service performed. - John N

Great Service experience.  Jack does a very good job and the technician took care of all the necessary repairs.  - James S

HZ was very easy to work with, had our car ready when we arrived and explained things well. - Brett W

CJ-my new Jeep Rocks! OMG I luv it and I am so thankful for your hard work. Thanks again for all you did and yes luv my car and I am telling everyone to come see you. - Heather G

Matt did an excellent job for me.  I really like working with him - Robert B

I have been going to Harold Zeigler for service and purchases for the last 5 years and am very happy with the way I am treated and the service performed. - John N

Great Service experience.  Jack does a very good job and the technician took care of all the necessary repairs.  - James S

I have always been a Mustang fan, however rising a family has not allowed for this type of car. So when my wife and I decided that we could make this purchase and start the search, I was very excited. ?After searching the internet and making a call to Harold Zeigler I had the pleasure talking with Carly on the phone. Carly cares for your internet Customer very well. She had a sale professional waiting for my wife and me when we arrived. The car was inside in a warm environment all clean and shinny. ?Damon presented the car very professionally and his product knowledge was evident. During the sales negotiation we felt very comfortable and not pressured. ?Every aspect of the sale was handled professionally and made our purchase enjoyable.

We are enjoying our Mustang and are assured to be a return Customer.

Thank you
Mark and Glenda Watervliet MI

This letter is to let you know that your people did a great job of responding to everyone of the items that I indentified that needed attention on our 2008 T&C Limited.  Late this afternoon, I picked up the car at your dealership.  It was "spotless clean" and every item had been either fixed or explained to my satisfaction. Jeff, Assistant Service Manager, is our service representative.  He kept me informed during the week as to the progress of the work on the car.  He also arranged for a Nitro that we drove during the time the car was being worked on and fixed.  Kevin, is the person we dealt with in obtaining this vehicle; he is also the person we worked with in obtaining the 2006 T&C Limited that we had before this 2008.  One of the main reasons we came back to Zeigler was because of the way Kevin worked with us.  He is a great representative of your organization. Let me also compliment Mike Millard.  He has been a person who has provided answers and has provided great service to us on both the 2006 and 2007 vans.  These people are real assets to your organization. Many times, people complain: "Too seldom do people say "Thanks".  Therefore, we want to say "Thank you for a job well done." - Richard T

I wanted to write to compliment your dealership and outline a great experience that my wife and I had with you folks over this past week.  I especially wanted to tell you how helpful everyone in your service department was, especially Scott Hurley and Jack Alexander.  My wife and I were traveling from Chicago home to Massachusetts when we decided to put the top down in our 2002 T Bird, so we stopped at the Elkhart service area.  My wife had thrown a carryon bag in the roof well and I did not know it.  I put the top down and when I did the top pushed the bag down and crushed a relay box and cooked it.   We got your dealership number for the Ford hotline.  Jack gave us a number to call and we arranged for a tow from the interstate.  When we arrived at the dealership your service department took our car right in and started work while Jack set us up with popcorn, water and made us feel right at home.  When it became apparent the car would not be fixed by the end of the day, Jack made arrangements to get us out to the interstate hotels and the next day when we needed to wait for the part to arrive Jack pointed us in the direction of Enterprise when we asked if we could rent a car from your company. Wednesday we were finally on the road.  Although I did not get the name of the service tech, I wanted to thank him for his persistence because being somewhat of a backyard mechanic, I know electrical problems are tough to diagnose and I also know he stayed late Monday evening to work on our car even though he was scheduled to leave at 5.  Lastly, I was braced for an outrageous bill.  I was pleasantly surprised that the bill was fair and reasonable.    So, a great big Thanks to all who heeled us, it was greatly appreciated, especially our service tech and Jack. - Roger P

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for the care and follow up you provided my parents, Frank and Barbara, on the repair of their minivan AC repair.  Having dealt with your dealership twice I can say you have terrific people.   If I did not live in San Diego, I would buy a card from you anytime.

Chris L

My daughter, Michelle, recently purchased a jeep from your dealership and there are a few people that need to be recognized for their extraordinary service--especially one individual.  First, your finance person--Unfortunately I never did get his name.  He took his time with my daughter and reviewed a number of details for which I am grateful. Second, your Used Vehicle Director, Brad Dodge, for allowing the sales person to do this thing so that the sale could be completed. Third and far from the least, the sales person, Tim, who went completely out of his way to make certain my daughter had the vehicle she liked and the vehicle best suited for her.  I cannot say enough about Tim. Thank you so very much for your fine service. - Thomas B

I was very pleased with Steve and the service department.  Keep up the good work, Steve and crew. - Wilma P

Steve S is a very nice salesman.  He sold us our 2007 Ford F150 and pervious trucks.  We are very happy with his service and will continue to buy from him in the future. - Deanna S

Steve S and Dan L have always treated us fairly and with respect.  We have been very pleased with the service, honesty and promptness in Plainwell.  They are the reason we've kept returning since the early 1990s. - Hal R

Completely satisfied.  They told me about maintance program, but I don't remember an offer to set an appointment.  I will keep you address in case of questions later. The salesman was very professional. - Nancy E

This is the first Mercury we have purchased.  It is everything I asked for in a car.  Our salesperson did a great job.  Thank you - Anne

Bob was exemplary in all my dealings with the purchase off my new Lincoln.  I feel I am free to call him at anytime. - Martha K

Always got in a short period of time for appointments - Gary P

Excellent- Lee was very up front and helped us make a great decision! - Cynthia D

This is my 6th or 7th car I've gotten from Harold Zeigler.  I've down business with Bob for all my cars.  I trust him; he has been very fair and helped after my husband passed away. - Nila

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